Behavioral Health and High Abuse
Available third quarter 2017


A sleek form at 3-3/4" wide and 6-3/4" tall with a depth of 3". 

Preliminary Spec Sheet

Sequence LED - Blue Sequence LED - Red Sequence LED - Green

An innovative task light with a minimalist design, Gig is made to withstand high abuse while still providing a clean, classic style. There are no switches or sharp edges. Instead, it is turned on, dimmed to 50 percent, or turned off with a simple touch. Integral dimming control & driver circuits are hidden within this compact LED fixture. Gig’s design mounts directly to a single gang junction box and allows for optional supports that secure it to the wall structure for additional durability. It is available in 16 color options.


Oval (24" wide by 34" high) and Rectangle (20" wide by 30" high) models, both with a recessed depth of 3".


Preliminary Spec Sheet CB1850

Preliminary Spec Sheet CB1852

Sequence LED - Blue Sequence LED - Red Sequence LED - Green

This shallow, recessed mirror with integrated LED lighting provides a stylish solution for high abuse environments. The sturdy construction and durable materials are designed with safety in mind, while offering an attractive aesthetic for tough applications such as behavior health facilities, dormitories, and public restrooms. Offered in an elegant oval or a classic rectangular form, Sole’s frame can be finished in any of Visa Lighting’s 16 standard paint finishes and has a nightlight option.

Serenity - Overbed

Available in 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ sizes and four tranquil patterns. 

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This overbed luminaire creates a unique aesthetic by distributing multi-function performance lighting around a luminous frame. Soft, calming patterns sealed in a damage resistant lens cover provides an ideal solution for high abuse environments.