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Oldenburg Lake Shore refueling systems provide the U.S. Navy and its allies with unmatched capability to remain At-Sea and at the ready.
Oldenburg Lake Shore dry cargo transfer systems add re-supply and rearmament capabilities for the U.S. Navy.

We also offer a full line of marine deck machinery, mooring and anchoring systems, boat davits, cargo weapons elevators, and towed array handling systems.
Oldenburg Lake Shore salvage cranes support flight operations on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

We also supply mobile cranes, pedestal cranes, track cranes, boat davits, and nuclear cask transporters.
Oldenburg Lake Shore's Modular Causeway System is the Army's means for offloading warfighting equipment when no port facility is available.
Oldenburg Lake Shore provides towed array handling systems used in U.S. Navy submarines; submarine projects require the highest levels of engineering and manufacturing quality to conform to specifications and unique requirements.


Oldenburg Lake Shore engineers systems to meet the needs of our Military transformation strategy. Our launch and recovery systems deploy towed arrays, unmanned underwater vehicles, LCAC, and other vital assets.