Catenary Accessories

A quick look at the accessories available for our Outdoor Pendant Collection


Power Connection Accessories

Quick Connect Jumper Cord for Quick Connection
Quick Connect Jumper Cord
Power Cord
Power Cord
Black Cord, 50ft per sku
Power Cord Ties
Power Cord Ties
Qty 100 per sku
Liquid Tite Cord Grip
Liquid Tite Cord Grip
Qty 1 per sku











Quick Connection Accessories
Quick Connectors
1 plug, 1 socket per sku
Quick Connection 3-way splitter
Quick Connect 3-way splitter
Power Control - up to 3 fixtures
Quick Connect Voltage Separation Box
Quick Connect Voltage Separation Box











Catenary Suspension Accessories

Stainless Steel Cable(s)
Power Cord
Stainless Steel Compression Sleeve(s)
Power Cord Ties
Stainless Steel U-Bolt Wire Clamp
Mounting Bracket













For accessory details and application inspiration, see our Catenary Design Guide

Catenary Design Guide

Catenary Design Guide (PDF)


For accessory installation information, see our Catenary Accessory Instructions

Catenary Accessories Instructions

Catenary Accessories Instructions(PDF)