Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Outdoor pendant banner with several different luminaires and applications


We are proud of our cutting edge outdoor pendant collection. These catenary, canopy, and stem-mounted luminaires exceed durability standards while charming the crowd with their flexible, elegant designs. 





This eye-catching globe luminaire is available in several styles and sizes. Create focal glow with a single stem mount model or suspend several catenary globes along a cable.

Suspension options for various applications

New short cap and solid cap styles

Laser-cut slotted cap (also customizable)





Luminous cylinder pendants are a design staple—and the Sequence outdoor pendant family has several diameters, lengths, and sources to choose from. Create rhythm in small and large spaces.

Stem-mounted cylinders are perfect for outdoor canopy installations

Tether cables available for additional stability

4" and 8" diameters, lengths from 2' to 5'





A modern take on the timeless lantern motif, Laterna pendants create inviting atmosphere and visual interest. 

Catenary, cord & cable canopy, and stem canopy models

A cast outer frame contrasts the luminous cylinder within

The new stem-mounted design

Catenary Suspension


What is Catenary Lighting?

The word "catenary" means any curve formed by a wire, rope or chain hanging freely from two points. Catenary pendants are mounted on a specially-designed catenary cable that is strung between two support structures (like buildings or poles).


Design Guide

We are excited to ensure your design's success. Check out our Catenary Design Guide for diagrams and specific guidelines for beginning an outdoor pendant project. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call



View all custom catenary accessories we offer to supplement your outdoor pendant lighting design. Check the suggestions on each catenary model spec sheet and the design guide for more info on each accessory's use.  


Where to suspend catenary luminaires?

Trends show more business and leisure activities moving outside every year. Without blocking walkways and views, catenary luminaires can span the light across wide areas.

How We Test Outdoor Pendants


Because they are exposed and subject to movement from wind and vibrations, outdoor pendants need to be particularly resistant—particularly catenary luminaires. 

Laterna, Sequence, and Zume are all tested to UL1598 and IP65. Catenary models passed ANSI C136.31, the national standard for roadway and area lighting equipment to withstand vibration. This test far exceeded the stress a catenary fixture would need to endure (because it is meant for rigid mounting), but all three luminaires were engineered to meet that mark. 

Laterna shake test
Zume environmental test