Vara Kamin's Impressions of Light®

Colorful diffuser artwork for luminaires that heal and engage

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How it works

Impressions of Light® Images, designed by Vara Kamin and applied to specialty luminaire diffusers, permit light to emit through engaging arrays of color and texture. This creates a positive point of focus for the eye to engage. Because these patterns are abstract, they allow every viewer to calmly tap into their own internal resources and interpret the imagery using their emotions and imaginations.  
In stressful healthcare environments, these images help stimulate the relaxation response in patients. "Vara Kamin's images are powerful therapeutic tools that move the human body into a healing state of equilibrium, harmony and balance,” says Mary Rockwood Lane, co-founder of the Arts in Medicine Program at the University of Florida.
Large venue lighting with an illuminated art pendant

Who is Vara Kamin?

Founder of VKI and Arts and Health Distinguished Fellow Vara Kamin is widely recognized as a visionary leader in the intersection of art and healing.  
As a former Public Health Nurse, Vara Kamin saw an opportunity for art and color to transform healthcare spaces. Patients are often apprehensive and stressed. In hospitals and clinics, particularly in older facilities, Kamin observed the lack of soothing or engaging sources of visual comfort that could help patients relax.   
She created Impressions of Light® to help hospitals stimulate and calm patients in typically stressful environments.
Vara Kamin


Summer of Sundays©

Green evokes growth and promotes emotional balance.

Summer of Sundays illuminated art pannel


Morning Melody©

Red and pink hues dance together to make the viewer more alert.

Morning Melody illuminated art pannel


Moon Drops©

Blue and turquoise mix together to inspire a natural sense of calm.

Illuminated art panel Moon Drops


Priscilla's Garden©

Orange hues bring a joyous mood with an energetic glow of yellow.

Lighted art piece Priscilla's Garden


Illuminated art in behavioral health spaces

Where it works

VKI Images are appropriate for a wide variety of healthcare spaces, including:

  • Pediatrics 
  • Radiology suites 
  • Dental settings 
  • Patient rooms 
  • Intensive Care Units 
  • Emergency rooms 
  • Outpatient clinics 
  • OB/GYN and Labor & Delivery spaces 
  • Physical therapy centers  

...and more


Other settings that benefit from Impressions of Light®

Healing and relaxation is a necessity in many other environments. Luminaires with Impressions of Light® artwork also enhance: 
  • Salons  
  • Spas  
  • Classrooms and daycare centers 
  • Lobbies and waiting areas 
  • Conference rooms 
  • Quiet workplace spaces  
  • Chapels 
  • Residences 
...and more

Vara Kamin and Visa Lighting

We've been working with Vara Kamin for years to help bring healing light to healthcare spaces, but we also work directly with you to create the optimum art and light installation.

Many of our luminaire families include Vara Kamin Impressions of Light® specialty diffusers as an option, with four different Vara Kamin artworks available. However, our Applications team is ready to work with you to adapt these patterns to another luminaire family. Additional VKI Images are also available through special request. Click here to read more about our tailored lighting capabilities. 


Lighted art panels enhance healthcare and behavioral health spaces